Innovative Eco Kitchen From Philips

For kitchen-tech lovers, Philips has unveiled an innovative eco kitchen at the Simplicity 2008 event in Moscow. This future-themed kitchen is based around a table, comes complete with the ability to cook or heat water anywhere, thanks to some nifty sensors which detect your pan or kettle and apply heat directly underneath. You can then control the settings through touch sensitive LED panels.

You can also reduce your water wastage by selecting the temperature of the water you'd like to emerge from the tap, gliding your fingers along another touch sensitive pad, which, quite quirkily gets hotter and colder as you glide. The table even has an under-the-table composter that will compact all your peelings and left-overs and enable you to grow herbs on the table. Philips reports to make this innovative kitchen concept a reality in next 3 to 5 years.