Landaulet – Rolling Palace from Maybach

Maybach, the ultimate luxury automobile brand, is adding a new $1.4 million open-topped Landaulet to its range, making five models in all. Maybach will produce only a handful of the cars for a select few customers with exceptionally deep pockets.

The Landaulet is based on the Maybach 62 S, billed as the world’s most powerful series-produced luxury saloon with its twelve-cylinder biturbo engine. The rear compartment’s folding top, operated from a switch in the center console, retracts in less than 20 seconds and is hidden by a fine leather tonneau cover matching the sumptuous seats. Interior trim elements are offered in glossy piano lacquer and Star Galaxy granite from India, a rare stone deep black flecked with gold. Fully reclining rear seats with a massage function are standard, while as with other Maybach models there are many customizable options available. To keep rear passengers comfortable when the top is down, two newly developed automatic climate control systems control the cabin's weather, even if it is cold and blustery outside.

Rear reclining armchair seats, and an intelligent system to hold glasses, goblets, and a champagne bottle will hopefully help any fool become a Lothario. Add into the mix a DVD player, six CD-changer, and cooler, and you wind up with one hell of a nice way to get home from the airport.