Zero – Emission Building - China

Situated in Ningbo, China, the University of Nottingham’s new Centre for Sustainable Energy Technologies

The building is powered by a large array of photovoltaic cells and geothermal energy (which cools and heats the five story floor slabs). Any additional energy collected is stored in batteries that can provide up to two week’s worth of electricity for sunless days.

CSET’s double-glass skin reduces solar radiation, and the large rooftop opening creates natural ventilation while allowing daylight to illuminate the interior spaces. The building also makes extensive use of locally sourced materials in its construction and boasts an onsite rain and gray-water recycling center.

The University’s graduates will be educated in topics that include energy-efficient technology, sustainable transportation, hydrogen systems, renewable energy technology, low-energy high-rise buildings, and low-energy housing.

Via : Inhabitat


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