Mazda's Kiyora

A petrol engine assisted by the company’s proprietary technologies to meet low emission goals and offer “high fuel efficiency.”

What makes The Difference?

  • The Kiyora falls in line with Mazda’s 30% carbon footprint reduction objective
  • The 1.3ltr small car will adopt Mazda’s Smart Idle Stop System.
  • The SISS is designed to save fuel during a restart, following automatic shutdown while idling.
  • Injecting the fuel directly into the cylinders for a quick crank-up. Kiyora uses a DISI (direct injection spark ignition) engine, enhances its image as an eco-friendly car.

  • Mazda believes the Kiyora would achieve unmatched low CO2 emission levels of 90kg/m,
  • a light-weight body and 6-speed automatic transmission for the perfect balance between performance and fuel efficiency.