The Alpine Capsule has been created by the Studio Lovegrove in London, and it will take place in Piz la ILA (Alta Badia-Corvara) within the beautiful frame of the Dolomites at an altitude of 2100 meters.

The Capsule will be a compact shelter where one may spend the evening admiring the stars and the beautiful surrounding mountain range. It would offer the opportunity of overnight stays within a spectacular 360 degree view. The Alpine Capsule has an approximate diameter of 8 meters with a double glass structural skin, covered with a special reflecting coating. Therefore the external surface of the capsule will reflects the surrounding environment, de-materializing its appearance. At the same time the guests will be able to appreciate the panorama in any weather condition.

The Capsule will be completely autonomous in terms of the energy needs; the necessary power will be provided by external “power plants” through the use of solar panels integrated to vertical wind power turbines.

The interior design will create a smooth and organic environment where one may relax and find new possibilities of relations with the nature.The project realization will start in the beginning of 2010.


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