Mobile Fireplace

The Vauni Divider has a clean shape to give the fire’s vitality maximum space and to inspire free placement in the room.

As its name indicates, it is an ideal room-divider combining the transparency of hardened glass with the floating, unique body, which allows the fire to be viewed from all angles.

In this way it becomes a superb mood-creator for everyday life as well as parties. The Divider is powered by the market’s most advanced ethanol burner with built-in stepless regulation of effect and flame intensity. To extinguish the fire – just turn the control.

Divider is entirely mobile in order to suit varying needs and spontaneous rearrangements of furniture. Never before has it been more fun and simple to experiment with the interior!

Unique features include:

Clean shape that allows for 360 degrees viewing angle of the fire.

10 mm safety glass with polished edges.

Glass fittings in polished stainless steel.

No flue or installation required, built-in control adjusts flame size.

Burner with absorbing function for unprecedented safety.

Available in 3 versions: Divider, Stainless and Granite.

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