Lunar Baby Thermometer

Designed by Duck Young Kong:

The idea is based on a common and natural behavior of putting your hand on the forehead to measure internal heat of their body. Checking the temperature by scanning the forehead with this device is easier and faster, since it eliminates the need to insert an external tool while holding them in a still position. The intuitive shape of the device allows the user to easily understand how to hold and use the device. The organic and ergonomic shape provides a secure grasp in the users hand.

After simply placing the device on the forehead, a beeping sound followed by a flashing LED alerts the user when it is done. In addition, the user can clearly see the temperature on the LCD screen, while holding the device to their baby.

Source : Yanko


Shannon Perkins said...

What a very amazing thermometer. I owned a lot of thermometers before for my baby, but they were just thrown into the waste. When I was reading this post of yours, I get so interested by this thermometer that you were talking about.