Green Energy Bill Board

First Ever Green Energy bill board to be installed in Times Square. The billboard owned by Ricoh Americas Corporation will weigh 35,000 pounds and will be equipped with 64 solar panels and 16 wind turbines. The billboard costs $3 million and is lit by 16 300-watt floodlights.

Most of the energy to power the billboard (around 90 percent) is expected to come from the turbines, with the solar panels acting as a supplementary power source. A spokesperson from Ricoh, however, said that if ever it happens, "it's just fine." Nevertheless, the blades of the turbine are perfectly streamlined that even a breeze as mild as a normal electric fan's could move in. According to New York Times, generating electricity on its own saves $12,000 to $15,000 per month in energy or 18 tons of carbon per annum.

Source : Good Clean Tech


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