Better than the iPhone, the 01 has been revealed

T3's stumbled across your dream phone, and whilst little is known about it, let's hope it will make it onto the production line. Apple, meet your iPhone killer.

On an unknown (until now) website titled just, lies a handset that will blow all others out of the water. With a 5.0-megapixel camera, 3G internet, and a whopping 32GB of storage, the 01 - as it's believed to be called - could mean the death of the Nokia N96, the BlackBerry Bold and Samsung's INNOV8 i850.

It looks as though the slide-out part of the handset actually conceals a laser keyboard, which projects a full qwerty onto the flat surface below. Play/pause, rewind and forward buttons suggest the 01 will be a multimedia stunner, with quality-looking in-ear headphones thrown in for good measure.

A full touch-screen obviously makes it resemble the iPhone, but by the looks of things, it has a forward-facing camera for video-calling, as opposed to the iPhone's back-facing camera. We presume it has a second camera on the back, as with a 5.0-megapixel sensor, some serious photos could be taken with this handset.

As aforementioned, little else is known about this phone, whether it's a concept, or an actual phone that a manufacturer is working on. Could it be the Nokia Tube, for example? Whatever it is, it has a countdown on the homepage, with 29 days left, so obviously all shall be revealed then.