160GB Sony PS3 announced for UK release in October

Well, aren't Sony just pulling it all out of the hat this week? First we're told the 80GB PS3 is coming out tomorrow, this morning we hear about the redesigned PSP and now we find out that the 160GB PS3 heavyweight will be hitting our European shelves on 31st October. We even have a price too - £339.99.

Now that price, I'm informed, is about the same as it would cost to buy the smaller 80GB model and a hard drive to go with it, rendering this new announcement a bit rubbish to say the least. To try to even it up, Sony is adding the bonus of 70 Euros-worth of downloadable content along with the 160GB mutha, but somehow I doubt that's going to make the difference, particularly when they're asking people to wait a few extra months for the privilege.