Sony’s ODO: Twist, Turn, Twirl and Take

Kinetic power seems to be a very popular substitute to conventional sources of energy and human power is being more often used in places where batteries and small cells were earlier used. Today we have gadgets that power up MP3 players and other tiny yet useful stuff with the power produced by human motion. It need not be always deliberate though as your jog in the morning and your stint on your keyboard could power these gadgets as you continue with you own work. It is almost as if we are plugging them in to us for charge; ala The Matrix!

Sony’s ODO Twirl n’ Take is a wonderful little camera that allows you to take snaps without ever using those boring old cells for power. If you are on your trek and want to suddenly take the perfect shot then you need not worry about the batteries you forgot any longer. The camera works when you just spin and stores kinetic energy in it. It is surely a toy for the kids but the technology could translate in to something substantial and cool with time.

The still camera is powered by a rolling head that generates kinetic energy to power on the camera, which actually takes decent photos. The futuristic looking Sony camera comes with a “flower pot” docking station and is purely concept at this point, but it’s one that we would love to see on the store shelves soon. So when is it rolling out Sony?

Via Cleantechnica