The Beast: This awesome looking catamaran might take away your breath the moment you set your evil sight on it. It looks less like the oriental catamaran and more like an interesting futuristic concept to me. This, however, has been designed specially for a Dubai race boat company and the Biocat catamaran is an awesome looking water vehicle.

The Machine: The Biocat Catamaran runs on a V10 diesel or 2 regular V-8s and will also run on biofuel. This means the Biocat catamaran is an eco-friendly and green vehicle that will ensure the cleanliness of the water and air. The boat is 8.8 meters long and is expected to reach speeds of 100-110mph. The doors also serve as an access to the cockpit area.

The Thrill: This uber-cool catamaran was custom designed and we don’t know if it will ever be available for us all to buy. However, we could always keep our fingers crossed and pray that the Biocat Catamaran gets released and we could do the waters on this awesome machine.