Technology is improving day by day and many of the innovations are being planned for various segments of people. Many of the innovations are also invented for people with various ailments. Like the new Voice Stick, a text scanning device for the visually impaired. As the name suggests, the stick when scanned in the printed letters, the OCR function recognizes the text and converts the information into voice. The voice is then read back and thus helping the visually challenged. It is a quite innovative and practical product. So whatever be the matter, like letters, E-mails etc, it works out to be a perfect solution and companion for the visually challenged.

Braille is on of the most important ways that visually impaired individuals acquire their information. The problem is that it is hard to find braille books due to the high costs involved to published them compared to common books.

Voice Stick is a portable text scanning device for the visually impaired. When it scans printed letters, the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) function recognizes the texts and converts the written information into a voice. The portable stick, Voice Stick, can be used to convert any words or letters found in our daily life, such as in books, newspapers, contracts, mail, etc., into voice information.