Nordic Rocks: Non Melting Eco Ice Cubes

In early man days stones were employed to produce fire and in that era it was considered to be a quite radical discovery which saved human life. However, in this day and age we are bestowed with numerous contemporary utilities that we believe that we don’t necessitate exploitation of stones any more in our lives.
But contrary to our perception a remarkable contemplation involving the application of stones has been instigated in recent days. Delving into this novel concept I found out that extraordinary kind of Swedish rocks named Nordic Rocks which are naturally excavated out in an uncontaminated form can be proficiently bring into play as an eco-cooling medium.

Packed in leather pouches, these ultra cool rocks would be available to us in set of ten cube shaped rock pieces. These stones entail a freezing of at least one hour before putting them into our drinks for chilling purpose. Slowly but surely these freshly exposed Nordic rocks would accomplish cooling job without melting in thereby avoiding the possibility of grimy water amalgamation in it at all.

Furthermore the reusability aspect of these voguish cooling parts formulates the whole concept to be an eco friendly one.