Acura 2+1: A flowing design

The Acura 2+1 concept is a creation of designer Leon Paz. The project was done during Paz's internship at Honda R&D Americas, where it was professionally modeled with assistance from Honda employees.

The Acura 2+1 was designed to slot in under the replacement NSX in the company's lineup. It is intended as a "gateway" car for buyers that are interested in the NSX but can't afford the steep price.

The Acura 2+1 is directed at younger buyers who want a unique and striking vehicle which can reflect their personal style. The 2+1 concept was inspired by the multifaceted trend of "modern baroque-fashion" very elaborate, yet forming an aesthetic whole. The idea was to show very aggressive styling on the body, but keep it very simple on the top section with a flowing, uninterrupted roof line. The body of the Acura 2+1 is formed from a new family of plastics that are extremely light and even harder than fiberglass.

The transparent hood-windscreen-roof section clearly shows off the front mounted V6 twin turbocharged engine which is neatly mounted just aft of the front axle. The 2+1 concept also uses an electrical motor which is powered by a clear solar panel positioned under the glass.

The owner cannot access the enclosed engine bay, that's why there is no cowl shut line. The Acura 2+1 concept relies on a scheduled annual service at the dealer, where the whole glass panel is lifted, and all fluids replaced and maintenance issues are resolved. A green nanoil, made from organic materials with nanosized beads support the piston's life and oil cycle. The maintenance service also offers new in-fashion upholstery covers for the interior made from 100% recyclable fabrics that the owner can update according to trends, vehicle use, or personal reference.

As the name suggests, the Acura 2+1 concept features a 2+1 seating layout inside.

While the Acura 2+1 is an independent design which stands very little chance of production, it does have some interesting features and futuristic styling which one day may find their way into other production cars.


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