Photosynthesis: Stylish Tree Charger to Power your Gadgets

Have a peek at this majestic piece of art, which at first glance may furnish you glimpses of a pretty relic. However in actuality this is a creatively designed mechanism making the most of solar technology. This specifically Bonsai tree shaped solar contrivance has been recently Pioneered by an eco- technocrat named Vivien Muller.

Incorporated with exactly 54 miniature solar panels this contraption can efficiently grab natural sunlight energy in order to charge loads of electrical gadgets. As the photovoltaic panels integrated in this tree figured structure are pettily sized they just confer the illusion of diminutive yet gorgeous tree leaves hence giving whole arrangement a portrait of elegant home decoration piece.

Moreover the powering up of discharged electrical gadgets via this Solar Bonsai is so trouble-free that we can swiftly get our doodads charged by simply plugging in their power leads into the electronic bonsai tray. Besides we can also rework on the facade of this green part of the solar pack by just altering the solar panels hooked on to the tree.

Consequently, in spite of heaps of solar innovations flourishing in the market, this amazing eco-concept would indubitably score its own points as of its atypical green and enhancing aspects.

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