World’s first electric superbike is a green mean joy

The Vectrix

Doing away with “unnecessary parts such as exhaust, engine and fuel system”, the Vectrix Electric Super Bike designed by Robert Brady aims at changing the way the world views electric bikes. The green bike looks at bringing the focus back to the rider by offering a great dash of style without compromising on performance

Featuring a unique electric motor that can give riders top speeds of 200km/h (124mph), the Vectrix electric bike helps eco-conscious riders take the green turn without them having to give up their passion for speed. The bike’s makers claim that the bike can do “20 flat-out laps at the Vallelunga circuit in Italy” on a single charge which, dare I say, promises a lot of pure, clean fun for bike lovers across the globe.

The bike relieves you of the burden of exorbitant fuel prices and emissions, letting you enjoy the wind in your hair without any guilt. Since the bike’s performance leaves little room for complaint, riders are bound to enjoy themselves to the max!