Porsche Design creates Yacht of the Future for Royal Falcon Fleet

Porsche Design apparently wants to get its talented fingers into everything. Next is a line of yachts it's designing for high-end Singaporean yacht builder Royal Falcon Fleet, starting with this model RFF135, for which Porsche will create the exterior and interior. This 135-foot luxury watercraft of the future doesn't even seem like a boat — add a warp drive to this twin-hull catamaran design and it could pass as a starship. Too bad it'll only speed up to 35 knots in the real world, but that's pretty fast for a luxury yacht.

This design direction makes a lot of sense for Porsche Design. Creating go-fast boats and fancy yachts that look like they could easily go 5000 parsecs per second makes a lot more sense for a marque whose claim to fame is fire-breathing road rockets. Sure beats hawking toasters, clock radios and cell phones at the flea market. Let's hope the final design resembles this wunderbar rendering.