ElectraWall Solar Cells use new Cylindrical Shape for greater Efficiency

Solar energy is available in plenty and the only problem with using it to the fullest is our inability to tap it completely. A large part of this problem is because of the angle of the rays of the sun and how that keeps changing through the day. One needs the suns rays to be perfectly perpendicular to the surface of the photovoltaic plate to generate the optimum power. But, by using a flat solar panel that would not always be possible. Solaroad Technologies Group LLC believes that they have found the solution to the problem in a simple yet effective fashion.

ElectraWall is a photovoltaic system featuring a cylindrical design. It could supposedly harness energy from the sun no matter its angle of incidence due to its form factor. It can be placed on a variety of locations including “rooftops, highway infrastructures, light poles, decks and fences” as long as there’s a surface to mount its track on upon which solar cells are clipped on place. Aside from the ability to harness energy, the device itself incorporates recycled materials.

While the solution sounds great in theory, there is still one major problem with it. When building a cylindrical surface only a fraction of the area would be always perpendicular to the rays of the sun. This pretty much makes for not much of a gain in net energy production. A better solution would be to have a flat surface change its direction along with the sun- much like a field of Sunflower plants! Nature always has the best solutions.